The Minnesota Bonsai Network site was created in 2014 to assist the bonsai enthusiasts from around Minnesota and the upper midwest region in the art of bonsai.

Minnesota Bonsai Network will strive to be the place that will include bonsai relevant information from around the region.  To help this endeavor succeed I am asking all of you who visit this site to register an account to share your knowledge, ask questions and post your thoughts and processes in the forums.



Care Guides by Kenneth Goebel

As a physical chemist I studied the interaction of Midwest soils with carpet finishing chemicals. In 2006, as a retired chemist, I became involved with the growing of bonsai through the Minnesota Bonsai Society. My passion has become shohin bonsai. My goal is to understand the science of bonsai soils through the study of their hydration properties, and the relationship to growing healthy plants. My progression as a bonsai and penjing enthusiast is reflected in my website. Click Below


Things I would like to see here are:

  • Bonsai
  • Events from around the region put on by different bonsai groups.
  • Sources for material (either local or online)
  • Solutions to problems that we have in Minnesota (cold storage, temp fluctuations etc.)
  • Care guides
  • Before/After pictures
  • Instructionals (building stands, shelves, irrigation, bonsai techniques etc.)

Please contact me if you would like to do the following:

  • Add a link to your website or one that you like to visit
  • Contribute an article
  • Contribute photos to different galleries that I want to create that would be helpful.


  • Minnesota/upper midwest bonsai
  • Bonsai Gardens or summer display areas
  • Winter storage areas
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